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Looking for 3 forever homes for 3 border collie/cattle dog mixes. 

These 3 dogs have been living alone in an abandoned travel trailer.  Their owner died 6 months ago while living on a goat and pig ranch in Lake County.  After her death, the dogs were being fed by a Good Samaritan who knew of the owners death.  Although the Good Samaritan stopped by periodically to fill up their food and water bowls, the visits where short. The abandoned trailer they lived in had a dog run pushed up to the door of the trailer, allowing the dogs to live in the trailer but to have access to a small outdoor run.  For 6 months the dogs lived alone without the love, care and companionship of a human owner.  

A week ago, a relative of the deceased owner drove to Lake County to pickup the dogs.  The dogs are now in Santa Rosa, but the home has no yard except a small cement patio where the dogs spend their time day and night.  

A vet visit on the 7th of February evaluated the dogs each to be around 6-7 years old, with no major health concerns except for some minor dental issues. All 3 received Distemper/Parvo combination and Rabies vaccinations, as well as heartworm/giardia and fecal testing.

I went to meet the dogs on Saturday the 8th.  All 3 dogs were friendly and social. None are reported to have any aggressive tendencies although none have been tested around children.

Flower: female/spayed, approximately 6-7 years of age.    

Dori: female/spayed, approximately 6-7 years of age. 


Cookie: female/spayed, approximately 6-7 years of age.    

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